MCT Life

MCT Life

Friday, August 3, 2012

To be honest actually does work, but don't sign up and think you will get money.  Sign up to get deals and discounts on stuff that you really are looking forward to buying.  From the stuff that you purchase you will get a percentage of what you paid, back.  Or you will get a certain dollar figure back. Even though, it doesn't look like much it will add up fast.  You can get basically a double coupon or discount on items you purchase online.  If you don't mind supporting me you can sign up through this link:

10 referrals = $100 in either a paypal account or a check personally made out to you from ebates to your address.

25 referrals = $250

50 referrals = $500 or the new iPad (3rd Generation)

Please help me out which will later help you out.  Or you can just sign up through

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