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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up & Away By: Kid ink

Up & Away By: Kid Ink

A very talented rapper from the west coast of the U.S.A. will be releasing his debut album June 12, 2012 available for pre-order in iTunes store. The album is great; however, this is coming from a guy that has his mixtapes from the very beginning. He is very talented and he will be taking off going up the charts soon enough. He is known for the song Time Of Your Life which at once reached the peak of its chart time at #20 on the HipHop chart. He got most of his fans from releasing mixtapes on He is a one of a kind rapper and this album is definitely worth a listen. His hit song Time Of Your Life is also on this album. I wish the album had more songs, but I know there are many more songs that we have yet to hear from him.

Please head over to iTunes store and pre-order his album: Up & Away.
To download this album in .rar format and listen to each song in 256 kbps mp3 (best available for download right now and first of that quality):
If you download this album from here please buy the album later to support Kid Ink and to make him more famous. Thank You.

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