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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Underrated Hard Rock/Rock and Punk Bands

  • Adelitas Way: The song "Cage The Beast" is just to good of a song to pass. They have had songs featured on video games; however, they have not had a mainstream audience as of now.
  • Allele: No one has ever heard of this band and have many great songs. My favorite song is "Stiches." This band needs recognition, and they have recently dropped a new album called Next To Parallel.
  • Chevelle: Great hard rock band that have had a few hits, but nothing real serious. Their most recent album is Hats Off to the Bull.
  • Digital Summer: Another great band. My favorite song is "So Beautiful, So Evil."
  • Drop Dead, Gorgeous: Favorite song: "Two Birds, One Stone."
  • Egypt Central: Have listened to this band for years and they never disappoint. Their last album was White Rabbit.
  • From Autumn to Ashes: Favorite songs: "Daylight Savings" and "Milligram Smile"
  • Halifax: A little different sound, my favorite song is "Our Revolution"
  • Liquid Sand: No doubt one of my favorite bands. Favorite song: "Inside Again." Worth a listen, categorized as Hard Rock.
  • Lo-Pro: Another great band; they are hard to find songs for on youtube, etc. iTunes does not have all of their songs last time I checked. Considered Rock.
  • Lostprophets: Have had two hits: "Rooftops" and "Last Train"
  • Red: Their album Until We Have Faces had more than one to two great songs. Had to/enjoyed buying the full album.
  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids: Favorite songs: "My Darkest Hour", "Faces", and "Holding On." Very great lyrical songs.
  • Sick Puppies: Great workout songs. Favorite song: "You're Going Down"
  • Skillet: This band has a women singer like Evanescence and Paramore; however, she is not the lead. Great songs: "Hero" and "Whispers in the Dark"
  • Title Fight: Favorite song: "Neck Deep"
  • Trust Company: Great overall band that keep producing great songs. Every song on their last album, Dreaming in Black and White, I still listen to. Their other albums have great songs too.
  • Underoath: Favorite album: Lost in the Sound of Separation. Favorite songs: "A Fault Line A Fault Of Mine", "The Only Survivor was Miraculously Unharmed", "Coming Down is Calming Down", "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures", and "Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear."
I have excluded many bands because I refer to them as mainstream including: Bullet For My Valentine, A Day To Remember, Atreyu, Godsmack, old Linkin Park, P.O.D., Hollywood Undead, Rise Against, Saliva, Story of the Year, Three Days Grace, and many others. If you know of any underrated bands feel free to leave a comment.

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