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Friday, January 6, 2012

Underrated Alternative bands (Some are Split up)

  • Time Tells All: they have only created 6 songs, but the lyrics are too good to pass.
  • Dropout Year: My favorite two songs are "Tire Swing Romance" and "A Coming Of Age Story." These songs have described parts of my life.
  • So They Say: Great overall band. My favorite album is "Life in Surveillance." Take a listen it won't hurt.
  • Cartel: This band sounds a lot like All Time Low. In my opinion they are way better. My favorite songs by Cartel are "The Fortunate", "Say Anything (Else)", "Runaway", "If I Fail", and "Honestly." If you like the album So Long, It's Wrong by All Time Low, you will for sure like these songs.
  • A Change Of Pace: Besides this bands last two albums they have created some of the best work I've seen from an Alternative band. They consistently have had great songs. The first song I heard by them was "Loose Lips Sink Ships." Although this song is considered rock, I was later to find a great band.
  • Count Your Blessings: Few good songs that are worth a listen.
  • Evanescence: This band has a very talented women singer. This band is Alternative Rock and they can bring the lyrics to a hard rock style. They remind me of Paramore; by the way,  they are more mainstream now. They have always been producing hits.
  • Every Avenue: This band is considered Rock, but I think of them as Alternative Rock. My favorite album of theirs is definitely Picture Perfect.
  • Just Surrender: Favorite songs: "Better To Leave", "Body Language and Bad Habits", "Forgotten Not Forgiven", "In Your Silence", "Jukebox Memoirs", "Lose Control", and "On My Own". Obviously, I just named a lot of songs. They are worth a listen.
  • Love She Wrote: I have recently discovered this band and have earned a spot on my list.
  • Quietdrive: Favorite songs: "Get Up", "Maybe Misery", "Rise From The Ashes", and "Time After Time."
  • Sparks The Rescue: Every album is great to hear. I never get sick of hearing this band over-and-over again.
  • This Time Next Year: Few good songs: "Alex In Wonderland", "Cheers To A Late Night", and "Out On Eastern."
  • The Years Gone By: Some great songs, mostly against love.
This is my list of underrated/underground Alternative bands. Some bands not listed that I think of as Mainstream are Simple Plan, All Time Low, There For Tomorrow, Yellowcard, The Maine, Mayday Parade, and there are many more. Feel free to comment. If there are any bands that you know of that deserve more credit, let me know. My next post will be about Underrated Rock/Hard Rock and Punk Bands. Most of these bands are on iTunes and have songs features on youtube.

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